Easy to fit

The Trak range snow chains are universal as they are suitable for different vehicle models in a specific group of tyre sizes. The snow chains have a front connection and are fixed to the outside of the rim on any of its bolts (normally 4 or 5). As the bolts on the wheel rim differ according to the car manufacturer (they come normally in three sizes - 17, 19 and 21mm) the correct gripping unit must be selected from the kit according to the vehicle  owned. Alloy wheels can also differ from vehicle to vehicle, being more or less concave or convex, flat or deep. Two pairs of spacers and four fitting depths (screws) ensure better adjustment. After this initial setting and after storing the snow chain in the boot, when required, the Trak snow chain can be fitted in 30 seconds…watch the videos.

Fitting Trak 4x4


Fitting Trak Sport