CUNA NG 178-01 / ÖNORM V5517 E V5119 / TÜV PP50003 / KBA / UNI 11313

The Trak chains are made in Italy in compliance with Law Decree of 13 March 2002 of the Italian Ministry of Transport and later amendment of 10.05.2011. Trak chains are highly reliable, certified products.?Their quality and performance are certified in Italy by CUNA (http://www.ass-cuna.org/), a  non-profit association, connected to UNI, whose work is aimed to help sort out technical standardisation issues for mobile machine, their components and similar or associated products. ?TRAK snow chains are certified to the Austrian standard Ö-NORM V5117 (cars and SUVs) which is regarded as being equivalent to UNI 11313 and V5119 (lorries) and comply with the testing protocol PP50003:1999 of TÜV SUD. Trak snow chains also comply with the requirements of the German Ministry of Transport (KBA).