The quality of life is made up of many big and small passions accompanying free time, hobbies, creativity, loved ones, and the desire for freedom. Maggigroup® knows. This is why we offer technological solutions that make it easier, practical, and safer to resolve many situations and needs inside and outside the home; in DIY projects as in sport activities, in the smart management of vehicles and vessels as in many applications for handcrafted works. We make ropes, chains, wires, and many accessories, available so that activities can be managed with peace of mind. This is thanks to the constant attention for the quality of the materials and workmanship, in a wide range of possible applications. Because the commitment of Maggigroup® is the same as those using its products: designed, created, and proposed

Maggi mark

Maggi mark was introduced in 1925 thanks to the Maggi family’s perceptiveness and commitment. Since then, the mark has been recognised as one of the most proactive and forward-looking marks in the entire European snow-chain business. The drive behind this major player in the market has always stemmed from their vision of diversification. This choice has always proved successful and has turned the company into one of the few companies in this industry with multibusiness knowledge, particularly in the company’s feels of operation - naval, industrial, safety, snow, hardware and agricultural The company’s multi-business experience, successfully matched by their strong industrial project, has helped it to achieve a constant growth of its mark, leading to an unquestionable leadership in the world markets. Today Maggi Group is a holding with eight manufacturing sites employing over 250 people run by successful manufacturing companies: Maggi Catene SpA, Zincofuoco SpA, Tempera Srl and MCC Group Far East. Maggi Catene SpA is the founder company within the Group and controls the engineering of all manufacturing processes, whilst Zincofuoco SpA and Tempera Srl are clear examples of 360 digress investments, mainly focused on manufacturing in order to ensure a flawless management and supervision of the crucial quality control procedures. with passion.

Italian technology reaches worldwide dimensions

Maggi Group is an Italian business which has reached international fame, seeking the best manufacturing solutions to achieve high quality standard for their products. Within these strategies, specific layouts and operational protocols have been developed to ensure that their manufacturing operations could be run in factories located in any part of the world, under the control and supervision of Italian capital and engineering expertise. The first building block of this strategy focusing on international markets has been achieved in the South East Asia region where MCC Group Far East, a large manufacturing facility was set up by Maggi using Italian technologies and expertise. This project has highlighted their determination to reach a worldwide dimension, not only to export their products but, more importantly, to spread Maggi’s technology and know how, essential to ensure a leading position in the new emerging markets.

The advantages of being a manufacturing based group

Being a main player in an ever more competitive world market on a worldwide basis has spurred Maggi Group to implement strategic policies able to take on the new manufacturing and marketing challenges with a global vision. This international approach, coupled with the flexibility ensured by each manufacturing site owned by the Group, represent a successful combination capable of offering strategic advantages in the marketplace and of emerging in the different areas of their operation: development of technological breakthroughs guaranteed by Maggi’s patents; development and manufacture of a wide range of products to meet any technical, application and functional requirements; quality assurance ensured by centralised technologies and warehouse stock flexibility. All this stems from an efficient management capable of running different manufacturing units located all over the world, as well as the Group’s experience and know-how confirmed by their successful operation in a as many as 65 countries in the world.